Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Patio cover progress

The guys have been working hard on our patio cover. These pix are from yesterday and today. Below, Chase the Contractor welds cross bars to the framework, then the first sheet of steel goes up.

And they're off! Sheets of steel march across the framework.

Here's why we decided to sheathe the underside of the patio cover, too--apart from the fact that birds would nest in all those convenient C-shaped purlins, it was also ugly.

The top side is complete!

Masonite begins to go up on the underside. It will be painted off-white and get white trim to cover the edges and a bit of a gap down the middle.

And instead of an ugly iron post showing, the guys will box it up in this square column cover.

We're also getting one of these covers around the fake (plastic) turned post on the front porch. It'll go with the style of the house much better.

The guys should be done tomorrow!

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