Sunday, October 31, 2010

Office fun

My new boss has taken over two other departments and squished them all together into one entity. We're all related, more or less, but I've always been the back-room Production sort, and didn't really think of myself as having the same "mission", so to speak, as the dealing-with-students departments. Nevertheless, that's how the cookie crumbles these days.

Now the B. wants us all closer together, so half of us in Dept. A are being squeezed in with Dept. B, across the hall from our present locale (Dept. C is too big to move anywhere else). That means I can kiss my nice office-with-a-window goodbye, and everyone in Dept. A can kiss our common area, with its nice big conference table, goodbye too. All of that blows chunks. And I would complain vociferously about being moved (and the accompanying stupid idea of renting out our wonderful suite to whoever the hell they had in mind, whether university or civilian) if there hadn't been an employee bloodbath recently. As it is, I'll just shut up and appreciate the fact that I'm still among the employed.

But I'm sure gonna miss my window and my great big desk.

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Roses said...

I'm so sorry some nut who doesn't park his butt in the same location as the people he pushes around is making your life less pleasant.
But, I'm glad you recognize that there's a whole lot of that going around and are able to suck it up for a while in order to continue collecting a paycheck.

Best of luck.