Saturday, October 2, 2010

A bit more remodeling

Well, I didn't get caught in the job upheaval yesterday, thank heavens. As far as I know, I still have a job. I think it was only middle management that got nailed--this round, anyway. That sort of whirlwind-of-destruction sure makes a person feel skittish, though.

On the home front, during the past week, we've had our favorite contractor and his main guy working on our patio. Here are some pix from the project; there are more on my Flickr site.  :)

Here, the guys have dug out and framed up in preparation for pouring concrete. The patio had a curve in it so that some previous homeowner could put a flowerbed there next to the house. We decided not to try to reclaim that flowerbed (it's been a long time since there were any flowers in it) and had the curve filled in and straightened so there won't be a mudhole there when it rains.

You may notice that the stepping-stone forms lead to blank fence rather than to a gate. Yes, we did that on purpose. We're going to put the gate in a different place (like, at the end of that path!) when we have the falling-down fence replaced next spring.

Here's what used to be a little overhang over the utility room door. The guys sawed that off entirely so they could bolt the patio cover to the house.

Yeah, those wires (mostly cable, which we're not using) are practically going to be lying on the patio cover when it's finally up. There's not much we can do about it. But at least nothing will be rubbing on the wires, so I think it'll be OK.

Naturally, the guys replaced the siding over the denuded part of the eave once it was flat.

Next, the fellas cut long C-section iron purlins to build the frame of the patio cover. Two long pieces were bolted securely to the house itself; the rest of the framework will hang on these pieces.

Then they started welding the frame to the house, using a temporary wooden frame to hold it up while they worked.

And here are the finished patio cover "bones".

They have to fix one spot where the frame was welded to the supporting post a bit too high (lest it direct rain runoff straight into the house), then they'll be ready to put the steel on the frame. We're having them cover both the top and bottom of the frame, else birds will nest in the C-shape of the purlins!

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