Sunday, September 19, 2010

This weekend's projects

After taking last weekend off entirely (to rest up following the Great Furniture-Building Spree of 2010), we did a few yard chores this weekend. Yesterday, Sister A. planted liriope (rhymes with "calliope") in the long, skinny plant bed in front of our porch and a small spot at the end of the driveway where we had stuck two solar lanterns. The lanterns will look really nice with the liriopes' leaves blowing around them (after they've grown up, of course). Liriope is like monkey grass; it's a border grass and also great for groundcover. It also sprouts little violet-blue flowers on stalks, as you can see on this site.

We had talked about what to put in those two beds for quite a while before settling on this particular plant. Sister A. loves to garden, but isn't in the prime of health anymore, so heavy-duty tending of flowers isn't the pleasure it used to be. Liriope, however, just goes to town all by itself. Water it, divide the clumps every few years, and you've got nice, long-leaved greenery all year 'round. They also choke out weeds. So since there was liriope in that front bed when we bought the house, we decided that whoever put it there had a good idea, so we just added to it.

There were tons in the order--50 rhizomes! We didn't have enough room for them all, so A. traded them for a free edging job by our neighbor across the street. He's our go-to-guy for yard chores that we can't handle (he has a yard care business). He's got a pond in front of his house that will look nice with tufts of liriope around it. :)

While A. was planting, I was stacking Zs hard at work trimming the bushes around the front of the house again, evening out the height from one end to the other. I also lopped the thick branches a little below the height we want the little branches to grow so I can just zip across the whole thing with my good ol' Black & Decker hedge trimmer from now on.

This morning, I did a little weedeating in the back yard, and also fixed a stencil to spray-paint our house numbers on the curb at the end of the driveway. I made a bit of a mess (held the can too close to the stencil), but we neatened it up with white paint and some small craft brushes. It's good enough for cops and delivery guys to find us.

My personal opinion of yardwork? It blows. But since I don't have to do the regular mowing (that's A's Wednesday job--hey, she set her schedule, not me!), all I have to do is trim and weedeat every few weeks, so I'm not complaining.  :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google fun

Roses at Ack! Thbbbt! had a fun challenge today on her birthday. Click the link to read it, then go forth and see what you can Google up. Here's my top result:
Actually, a photo of a perfect stranger was the first result, but I didn't think it'd be cool to put her mug on my blog without her say-so, so I opted for the much more interesting second result.

There were also a few rather smutty results--photos some lady took of herself in various stages of undress and undulation, doubtless for sprinking around adult chat rooms. You never know what sort of mischief folks will get into.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Evans & Smith Construction Co.

This weekend and last weekend both started out pretty much the same way:

In all, we built six pieces of furniture--two "library bases" that go together to make a credenza, a big desk, a TV stand, a media cabinet (for VHS tapes, DVDs, audiotapes, & CDs), and a sofa table. The only really easy piece was the sofa table; all the others were freakin' bears to build! If we thought we were worn out after building three pieces last weekend, we're completely wrecked after building three more yesterday and today. But we are DONE, hallelujah, right down to storing all the movies and music in their new home and getting most of the cords hidden behind furniture or in cord covers. There's nothing left to do in the den but hang curtains (once they're sewn).

No more screwing, hammering, huffing & puffing, arguing over directions, or swearing--the kitties may now relax...and so can we!  :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoe fetish?

What is it with women and shoes? I'm not exactly a girly-girl, but even so, I'm obviously not immune to the bug. But these slides were clearance-priced and have a comfy suede insole and spiffy colors and they're so cute and, well....

Shuddup, they were on sale.

Call 'em a reward for working hard on a new database and PHP web app lately.  :)