Friday, August 27, 2010

More home improvements

As you can just barely see in the right side of the first photo, our house came with an ugly, out-of-place, rural mailbox on a post; the other side shows the too-small house numbers (partially covered by our new porch light). We recently had the mailbox and numbers replaced, and the entryway of the house looks a lot better. Actually, everything in the second photo is an improvement except for the siding!
That's our favorite contractor/handyman at work (we had a lot of other little jobs for him, too). In the pix below, snug in their shipping boxes, are some more "improvements" just waiting to be put together:

That's my new desk and two-part credenza, plus a TV stand that goes with the end tables we got recently. So guess what we're doing tomorrow?!? Nope, the contractor doesn't get that job--we do. Eh, who needs rest on the weekend, it's so overrated....

Oh, and the smaller, square box on the left is my LPs; they'll go in one side of the TV stand (when it's built). That will leave only one last moving box in this house--the one currently holding Sister A's fancy dishes that go in her little old china cabinet, which is going out for a paint-&-fix-up soon.

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