Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doors! We got 'em!

So I can quit complaining now.  :)  That's the last of the remodeling & refurbishing until we pay off the doors and a few other expenses (it won't take long, thank goodness). Then we'll have our favorite contractor put up a patio cover for us. Nothing fancy, just yer basic lid on posts.

Notice in the first photo that Inspector Sammi is once again on the job, training her lasers on the new doors in search of imperfections.

Front storm door--the right one, this time, with a retractable screen.

The long-awaited French doors (which replaced the crappy old sliding glass doors).
I need to finish painting that trim.

Having finished with the French doors, the installers start on the utility room storm door.

One fairly-cheap-but-quite-serviceable back storm door.
Need to paint that trim, too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you two, that front screen door looks like the same exact one Chris and I have on our door, except ours is green. I loved it when we first got it! And the retractable screen is wonderful. But be careful! Since our house faces west and we get all that HOT late day sun our door has warped and is now deformed. I can't use the screen on it any more, it's falling apart. :(
~Brooke & Chris M.