Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are soooo broken...

We got the two parts of the credenza and the desk put together yesterday and today, and we are so totally broken into pieces now. But the furniture looks great! I'll put up pix as soon as I can lift my arms to hold the camera. Tomorrow, I'm going to be scuttling into work like a very slow crab and have to type with my elbows, since my hands and wrists are completely wrecked, but the biggest part of the assembly job is done. We have two more pieces to build (and one more that'll probably arrive this week sometime), but they're not as urgent as my desk was.

Holy carp, I'm tired....

Friday, August 27, 2010

More home improvements

As you can just barely see in the right side of the first photo, our house came with an ugly, out-of-place, rural mailbox on a post; the other side shows the too-small house numbers (partially covered by our new porch light). We recently had the mailbox and numbers replaced, and the entryway of the house looks a lot better. Actually, everything in the second photo is an improvement except for the siding!
That's our favorite contractor/handyman at work (we had a lot of other little jobs for him, too). In the pix below, snug in their shipping boxes, are some more "improvements" just waiting to be put together:

That's my new desk and two-part credenza, plus a TV stand that goes with the end tables we got recently. So guess what we're doing tomorrow?!? Nope, the contractor doesn't get that job--we do. Eh, who needs rest on the weekend, it's so overrated....

Oh, and the smaller, square box on the left is my LPs; they'll go in one side of the TV stand (when it's built). That will leave only one last moving box in this house--the one currently holding Sister A's fancy dishes that go in her little old china cabinet, which is going out for a paint-&-fix-up soon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Browser Minnie

I made a web page with Minnie's photo years ago. I park the browser on it whenever I'm done doing other stuff. You may proceed to oooh and aaah.  :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Den/office furniture spree, plus flowers

Yesterday, we went looking for a proper desk to replace my old L-shaped, spindly, dorm-style desk, separate rolling taboret (which holds all the desk junk that ought to go in desk drawers), and separate filing cabinet. I've been looking online for quite a while, having decided that it's time for a "grown-up" desk, but either the quality was crap, or they're too expensive, or they have hardly any storage. (A desk with one or two drawers, sheesh.... I ask you, how does that make sense?) We dutifully looked at actual furniture stores, which are all very proud of their wares, and finally settled on a desk and cabinets from Office Max, to wit:
+ (x 2) =grown-up,
home office
I like 'em. They're more modern than the Craftsman/Mission/Shaker style I was originally looking for, but I like the simple style of this set, and the color (espresso), which looks really good with the Almond Toast paint in the den. And it so happened that the store was having a 20% off special, so the total cost was less than we figured. And the desk has plenty of useful drawers. The cabinets, called library bases, each have an adjustable shelf behind the door. All three office pieces should arrive sometime this week.

Having taken care of my office area, we decided we might as well finish the rest of the den, so now a proper TV stand (with room to store my old records--yes, the vinyl kind) and large media storage cabinet are on their way, along with a sofa table for behind (what else?) the sofa, so I can put a reading lamp there. That furniture is also espresso. The introduction of a sofa table necessitated moving out a chest that had been taking up that space temporarily; it now resides in Sister A's closet, being very handy. And while we were in her closet, she decided to go through her dressy clothes and hats that she has noplace to wear anymore and cut a lot of stuff out for our favorite thrift store.

Speaking of donations, there will be a few pieces of furniture for the Salvation Army to pick up after we're done fooling with the den.

And after we have all the furniture in place, we can finally put up pictures and a clock, and that'll finish the room off.

Well, except for replacing the old fake oak bookshelves with new espresso-colored (but probably also fake wood) shelves. The "golden oak" color totally pukes against the light brown walls. But that's a later project. We need to get the patio cover built next.

Sister A. was not left out of the home-improvement jag--she got a new office chair! This is the first new piece of furniture she's bought for herself since 1981. Yeah, I think she's due. That's Sammi on her monitor, of course. I have Minnie on mine.  :)  I have no idea why that yellow wall color always turns out peachy in photos!

And, finally, here's one of our young crape myrtles, a Red Rocket, doing very well.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dual dining times two

On two separate occasions this week, our kitties, Minnie and Sammi, have been spotted eating at the same time within two feet of each other. This is, like, totally unheard of, but there they were, both at the feeding station, and neither raising a ruckus! I didn't get a photo because I didn't want to spoil the moment. If it happens again, though, I'm gonna try to preserve the image for posterity (and bribery material).

We hope this means they'll start getting along with each other someday. It'd be wonderful if they'd learn to play together at some point instead of hissing and staring balefully at each other.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doors! We got 'em!

So I can quit complaining now.  :)  That's the last of the remodeling & refurbishing until we pay off the doors and a few other expenses (it won't take long, thank goodness). Then we'll have our favorite contractor put up a patio cover for us. Nothing fancy, just yer basic lid on posts.

Notice in the first photo that Inspector Sammi is once again on the job, training her lasers on the new doors in search of imperfections.

Front storm door--the right one, this time, with a retractable screen.

The long-awaited French doors (which replaced the crappy old sliding glass doors).
I need to finish painting that trim.

Having finished with the French doors, the installers start on the utility room storm door.

One fairly-cheap-but-quite-serviceable back storm door.
Need to paint that trim, too.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Doors tomorrow

We hope. The correct doors, and all of them, this time. Doors, doors, doors. Om mani padme gimme some doors ommmmm....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roses, curtains, den stuff, and hard work

Yep, still alive here--I've been working like a maniac over the last two weeks trying to finish a project by deadline and have had no time for anything but work, meals, and sleep. But I finally put paid to that sucker Saturday afternoon. Man, I was glad to get that over with! Surprisingly, I didn't rack up that much overtime, but I worked twice as hard as usual during every hour I put in on this project. At the end of yesterday's stint, I was completely done in; I went to bed at 7pm last night and was asleep an hour later!

While I was wrapped up in that crazy project, Sister A. finished the first set of curtains for our new house. These go in the sewing room; they're happy little brown & green leaves on a pale yellow background, which goes great with the Behr Whisper Yellow walls. Here are two views of same (one turned out kinda dark).

She also added shelving to the sewing room closets, to have room for all her tons of quilting fabrics. The closet shown below doesn't have much on its shelves yet, but only because Sammi had to inspect A's workmanship first. Notice that she has her yardstick at the ready.

Working where I do has its advantages, namely the fact that I have a window which looks out on a courtyard full of roses, trees, and other greenery. The roses have been in fine form lately, and I took a few minutes yesterday to take some photos. Here are a few goodies:

I tried out the macro and supermacro settings on my camera for those close-ups; I think they turned out pretty well. There are a few more pix on my Flickr site.

Back on the home-improvement front, Friday evening (I think--maybe it was yesterday--I was reeeeally tired) my 17-year-old Magnavox TV abruptly decided to give up the ghost. I had virtuously held onto it back during the switch from analog to digital TV signals, because it was still working fine, even though some channels had begun to broadcast in widescreen instead of the old square format. Nova had become merely va, and credits on a few other channels displayed only half-names for the cast. So, even though the timing could have been better, I didn't really mind buying a new TV this morning (although they're hideously more expensive than analog TVs used to be!). Of course, I didn't have to go all the way up to 42", but, see, I've got this great big den now and, well, y'know.... Anyway, the picture is great and it's a much better size for the room.  :)

Notice my devoted kitty guarding the new boob tube (lower right of the photo).

Two or three days ago, we received a pair of end tables--telephone stands, really--that I'd ordered early in July, and after setting up the TV this morning, I put the tables together. Here they are flanking my couch.

Yeah, they're small, but I'm working with limited space around the couch, and they'll hold all the necessaries. Try to ignore the black-garbage-bag curtains in the background--we're still waiting for the new French doors to arrive.

Last but not least, here's Minnie from a cat's-eye view, obviously telling me to get the flashy box out of her face.

OK, Minnie, you can go back to sleep now.  :)