Monday, July 12, 2010

OK, enough already

Dear Asian sex site robots,

Please refrain from commenting on my blog posts. You've already driven me to moderating every single comment that comes through, even from NICE people, which is irritating. Nobody who reads my blog will ever see your tatty links to naughty places, because the minute I see Kanji in a Blogger email notification (laden, as always, with links to some damn porn site), BOOM, it's outta there. So kindly shove off.



Roses said...

What works for me is to set my moderation on posts a day old.
That way, commenters on your new posts get right through, and the spam (which, for me, shows up on older posts) gets set aside.

las794 said...

Cool, I'll try it.

Roses said...

The spambots that hit me seem to seek out any posts that contain the word "Cancer".
How nice.

Hang around long enough, AttieCattie. They'll find you.