Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have...a few books

Merging the households of two voracious readers, even if they've already culled their individual collections a bit, results in one BIG pile of books! We finally got them all out of boxes and I started going through them a little this evening. We expect several duplicates, since we have similar--and similarly eclectic--tastes in reading material.

And, yes, that is a set of longhorns on the wall in the photo above right--they hung in our dad's house for years. So my den's a little bit of a "man cave".  ;)

The cats seem to be acclimating themselves nicely--see photographic proof below (not a very good shot, I admit). Sammi turned her lasers on me before I could get the shot (flippin' shutter lag...). Minnie's ears are a bit owlish, but that's all--no growling or yelling to get out of the house, even with Sammi so close. That's progress!


Tober the Cat said...

That looks like my library at inventory time! I hope you have a few more shelves around somewhere!

Roses said...

Remember your local library as you consider what to do with your unneeded (because I know they are still "wanted") books!

Most libraries will accept books either to add to circulation or to place in book sales to raise money.

I love books, too. They are like pets. I want to be sure they get a good home. :)

las794 said...

Oh, definitely, our local library will be getting a lot of good stuff from us!

And, yes, there are a few more shelves around the house. We'll find homes for all the "keepers"! :)