Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two more changes

Tomorrow, this sycamore tree--which is too big, too close to the house, and clearly in danger of bringing down all those wires if any branches get knocked off by ice next winter--will be removed one piece at a time by an outfit called Big Timber. They're accustomed to working with big trees in tight spaces, and they'll be climbing all around it to get it all without dropping anything through the roof, so it oughta make for some interesting photos. Sister A's in charge of that.

The second change, as shown in the photo below, is this majorly cool Crosley phone, a prezzie from Sister A, which has just replaced a cheap Wal-Mart p.o.s., and I LOVE IT! It's a reproduction of a "302" or "Cow's Hoof" phone which was introduced in 1937. The Crosley site says, "This early desk version served as the standard for the better part of the World War II while telephone design efforts were halted due to defense work." It's almost as heavy as the original, and it has a mechanical bell for a ringer. I haven't heard a phone truly ring in years! It goes great with the funky, curly brass lamp we found in a thrift shop several weeks ago, and both will look even better on the Craftsman desk I have my eye on.  :)

The desk will have to wait a bit, onnaccounta we're having that tree cut down and two storm doors and a set of French doors installed soon, so we'll have to mind our pennies for a while. There are a couple of other projects on the fairly-near horizon, too--new, insulated garage doors and a patio cover with a bit of cement work thrown in--that we'll have to save for, now that all the proceeds from the sale of my old house have been used up. But we'll get all our improvements taken care of eventually.

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