Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stuck cat, unpacked books, and new pix

Sammi has gotten herself stuck in the neighbors' backyard, on the other side of a six-foot-high fence with concrete footings (we tried to dig under it to get her out--no go). Minnie may or may not have enticed her fatter cousin to jump over the fence into said yard; be that as it may, Minnie is athletic enough to jump back over the fence to her home ground, but Sammi...well, she seems to be stuck. Sister A. has put a note on the neighbors' door in hopes that they'll come home tonight and let us in to get Sammi. There's not much more we can do but wait--we can't even get water to the little dingbat. I hope there's a birdbath in among the neighbors' backyard landscaping. I also hope Sammi will finally jump over the fence when she gets hungry enough and stop worrying her mom! Cats....

Apart from trying to rescue kitties, our weekend has been busy. Yesterday morning, we started sorting the books into genres, then by alphabet, then by author, and finally got them into shelves. We didn't have near enough bookshelves for everything (before the move, I gave away a few small, mismatched ones; and after we moved into the new house, I gave away another shelf unit that was entirely too big for our space), so we had to cull our joint collection quite a bit more, but we finally got all the books we really wanted to keep into shelves throughout the house. See photographic proof at left and on my Flickr site (along with lots of other house pix).

The den and sewing room are both works in progress, but our bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and the dining area are pretty much done, except for putting up pictures. Here are some "highlights" for you.  :)

And last, but not least, here's Minnie practicing her mountain-climbing least until party-pooper Mom decided a shower of loose puzzle pieces might not be the best idea.  :)

Here's hoping Sammi comes home SOON!

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