Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pleeeeeze let me sleep....

Moving with a cat--actually, two cats who don't get along well together--is not the most fun thing I've ever done. Sammi is settling down pretty well, but Minnie is still having trouble adjusting, and nights are the worst time for both cat and cat-Mom. Last night, she repeatedly crashed into the metal venetian blinds, walked along the window sill, then jumped out onto my bed and let the blinds clack against the window behind her. She's still meowing loudly a lot at night, too, despite my trying to limit the stimulation of a big new environment by shutting her in my bedroom with me. And last night, just for a change of pace, she discovered a drawer full of old doorknobs right outside Sister A's bedroom door and scrabbled around in there for a good while. A. didn't know what the heck was going on until she saw that drawer open this morning.

During the day, Minnie wants OUT in a big way, and will drive both the humans in the house nuts with her repeated demands to open the door. I don't sleep at night and then I have Minnie drilling yowls through my skull when I get home...until I let her out, of course. Then it's hard to get her back inside. I'm sure she doesn't think of our house as her home yet because she's not in it much, but good lord, how can I stand to keep her inside when she constantly yells to get out?? It's unbelievable how piercing her voice can be!

I can't take sleeping pills every night, and Feliway doesn't seem to work on Minnie. Anybody who has any ideas about getting Minnie used to her new home--and making a lot less racket--is sure welcome to tell me.

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