Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished rooms and other progress

We have pix of our finished bathrooms and utility room on my Flickr site, for your delight and edification. The one at left is of Sister A's little paradise, otherwise known as the hall bathroom. In addition to functional bathrooms, we have a cleaned-up-and-usable utility room, courtesy of A., and we've started putting away videotapes, DVDs, puzzles, and other things as boxes get opened in our frequent efforts to find a mattress pad or officey thing or whatever that hasn't reappeared yet. Moving is such fun! But we're starting to get a handle on the mess.

The cats have calmed down, hallelujah, particularly Minnie (Sammi's pretty calm to start with). Minnie now mostly acts normal at night, although she still whines to be let out a lot during the day. A. found her laser toy and I ran Minnie around with it for a while tonight. Good exercise! I also engaged Sammi with it for a little while, then both kitties decided they'd had enough, the little party-poopers. BTW, note to self: don't get Minnie revved up with Sammi anywhere in sight--a hissy-fit, if not outright assault, is sure to follow.

Today, we had NO urgent thing we had to do, so we slept late, had breakfast at our favorite place, got our scuzzy cars washed, then poked around a couple of stores. We did have a few things to pick up at Home Depot--regular, house/yard maintenance things--and while we were there, we decided to go ahead and order the two replacement storm doors and French doors (just as in my old house, the French doors will replace the old sliding glass door). HD's installers will call to measure for the doors Monday or Tuesday and start that ball rolling. Tuesday, a guy will come to reglaze both of our tubs; they're cast iron, nice and sturdy, and just need a little facelift to look good.

We've been looking at the furniture we still have cluttering one side of the garage and have decided what we really want to keep and what should be Freecycled as soon as possible. (If you don't know what Freecycle is, check it out! It's great for people who dislike holding garage sales to get rid of stuff they don't need anymore.) Sister A. brought whatever she thought we could use, but we didn't know then how big our new house would be, so now we have some goodies to pass on to folks who can use 'em. I'll get a list and descriptions together and put all that stuff on Freecycle tomorrow, so maybe we can get A's car into the garage soon. (Mine's already there; yeah, I'm the mean, piggy sister!)

To celebrate the closing of both houses, a successful move, and the conclusion of painting and other contractor work, we had planned to treat ourselves to a steak dinner somewhere. Ray the Realtor, who helped us accomplish all this work (including introducing us to the wonderful Chase the Contractor), beat us to the punch and gave us a $50 gift card to the Cattle Baron, and we used it this evening to stuff ourselves with filet mignon and fried ice cream--YUM! It's been a very nice day.  :)


Thumper said...

Awesome Realtor! We gave ours a gift, not the other way around! Though, to be fair, he did feed us while we were actually house hunting :)

Daisy said...

I love the shade of green you chose, and the glass tile backsplash is cool!