Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fans, progress, and bureaucratic BS

This is the ceiling fan in Sister A's bedroom. Fans are starting to go up in the finished rooms!

We were supposed to close on the new house today, but the underwriters requested another document at the last minute. We sent it. Closing rescheduled for Thursday. Today, having heard nothing, A. emailed the underwriter agent she's been dealing with, asking where we stand. Answer: "Clear to close." So we're good for closing tomorrow, right? Wrong. Toward the end of the business day, she got an urgent email from the agent asking for the phone number of our house insurance agent. We've already sent that to them, and to the title company--TWICE. Doesn't matter, we're screwed for closing on Thursday and are now hoping for Friday. A. says this kind of malarky happens all the time, but that sure doesn't make it any less frustrating for us!

Meanwhile, at the new house, the former owner finally moved the last of his stuff out today, so our contractor and his guys can work freely. In addition to ceiling fans going up, the popcorn ceiling in my bedroom, and possibly also in the bathroom, has been scraped off (the guys had to wait for the f.o. to move out of there). Chase the Contractor says all the painting will be finished by Friday (him, I believe!). Saturday, he's going to fetch back all our interior doors from the painter and put them up. Sunday, they'll be putting up fans, shutters, fixtures, etc. We hope they'll be able to install the vanities and vanity tops, too--they were due at Home Depot today, but didn't come in. A. plans to nag HD three times a day until they arrive. Sure hope it's soon--we'd love for all this fixing-up (and closing--that'd be nice) to be done by the time we move in Monday!

Yes, moving is still scheduled for Monday--no snags there. I haven't been able to round up anymore help for loading the POD Sunday, but we'll manage with just us two "mature" ladies and my co-worker. Sunday night, there won't be a stick left in the old house except our two mattresses and the little bit of stuff we're leaving behind. Monday, at some point (we don't have a time yet), the PODS people will shift our belongings to the new house and Chase and one of his guys will help us move everything inside (my stuff in the POD and A's stuff in the garage there).

We'll probably have to bring the cats over to the new house before the move starts and put them in the utility room (in their carriers) at least until the big furniture is in place. They're going to HATE IT, but it'll be over soon enough, and then they'll have a big new house to explore, with smells familiar to both of them.

Hoo boy, what a day Monday's gonna be! In addition to the final move, we're scheduled to close on the old house...assuming the underwriters don't fumble the ball there, too.

Aw, what da heck--have another pretty fan, this time in the sewing room.  :)  The gaping hole is where the vent cover will go.

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