Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabric and paint and ceiling fans, Oh My!

Is this perfect, or what? This is the wall paint and fabric for drapes in Sister A's bedroom.

The fabric for the drapes has arrived and we took it over to the house yesterday evening to see how it works against the paint colors in the various rooms. It all looks great! I've uploaded photos of it all (plus a lot of other stuff) to my Flickr site for your viewing pleasure. There's been a lot of progress--almost all the walls are painted, trim's getting painted, doors are coming back from the painter tomorrow and will be installed with all their new bronze knobs, and more ceiling fans will be going up. Sunday, Chase the Contractor (whom we might as well put on retainer forever because we totally love him) will swap out the old bathroom fixtures for the new ones--at least the shower/tub parts; the vanities aren't in, so all the associated pretties will have to wait until they arrive (Monday, sez Home Depot). There are various other chores on his long checklist, and we have complete faith that they'll all get done.

We visited the new house again this evening (of course) and I got to see my bedroom and bathroom all painted up byoo-tee-ful.  :)

Tomorrow, after the guys are done painting the last bit of the kitchen, A. and I are going over to start cleaning the kitchen, especially inside the fridge and stove. We have a couple of stops to make before that; A. can't set foot in the place until the paint fumes clear out a bit.

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