Friday, June 4, 2010

"Don't worry, be happy"

Things are finally straightened out between the underwriter, credit union, and title company, and we can proceed with closing on the new house Monday. The necessary papers are at the title company right now. PHEW! Yeah, I was worried, but needlessly, as it turns out--there's no way they can jerk our loan or otherwise put us out of the new house after we've moved all our stuff into it, because all the essential stuff is already approved and has been for a couple of weeks. Well, I've never done this complex house-buying thing before. I bought my current house from my sister (yep, same one I'm buying a house with now), but that was a simple little VA assumable and I think my biggest expense was the lawyer who shuffled the legal papers around for us. I certainly didn't have to fool with underwriters & banks & whatnot.

I can't get the titular video to embed, so just click here for a dose of happy.  :)

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