Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes, we are Twinkies

At some point, I got it into my head that the hardware for our bathrooms in the new house should be the same model, but in different finishes. After many false starts, we landed on Moen Kingsley, mine in bronze, A's in brushed nickel. Here are the faucets and shower/tub parts.

Just try & tell me they aren't gorgeous.  :)  We also found Hunter vent fan/lights in our respective finishes.

All of these goodies, plus towel bars and other Moen hardware, have been arriving in the mail over the past few days. It's been like Christmas in my otherwise denuded living room as we open boxes and ooh & aah over the pretties.

We're also replacing the vanities, of course (the ones in the house presently are cheap junk with no storage). We still like what I picked for my remodeled bathroom in the current house, so we're doing the Shaker thing again, with matching medicine chest/mirrors.

A's vanity is the 30"; her bathroom is a little smaller. The knobs on A's vanity will be the pewter that come with the vanity; mine will be swapped for bronze. For vanity tops, we're again using the same material but in different colors: A's is beige, which looks like sand, and mine is terra cotta. Both will have white undermount sinks.

And instead of back- and sidesplashes in the same color/material, we found these tiles: green onyx for A., red onyx for me.

As far as paint goes, my bathroom will be Orange Glow (Behr), same as the remodeled bathroom in my current house; and A's will be two shades of green, light over dark. Her bathroom will look very beachy; mine will be very close to what I have now, and they'll both be really nice.  :)

On the current-house front, we have showings today and tomorrow. Rub your lucky kitty feet!

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AttieCattie said...

lovely schemes, ladies!