Monday, May 31, 2010


The Basil green in the dining room looked much better today, and for a good reason: apparently, the lids on two different greens (one Basil, one Palmetto, which is much lighter) had been switched accidentally at the store, and our guys couldn't see the problem while they were spraying the room, because they were basically working in a green cloud. The contractor spotted it this morning, though, and resprayed the room with the right color. Now it's the correct shade.

Colors shown here:
  • Den: Almond Toast walls with Cancun Sand trim

  • Dining room: Basil walls, trim not painted yet (but it'll be Cancun Sand)

  • Living room: Cancun Sand walls and trim
I love it that you can see three different, comfortably co-existing colors right from the front door.  :)  The effect is better in person, of course (or when shot by a better photographer than I).

Apart from checking on the progress at the new house today, A. and I packed a bit more--everything we could live without until after the move. We now have several open boxes sitting around, waiting for the last little bits to be packed and the boxes taped up.


AttieCattie said...

it is a lot of work and mixups getting a new house in order, isn't it?

las794 said...

It's a lot of work, for sure! But if that's the worst mix-up we have during this project, I'll count us very lucky indeed. I had many *more* problems just remodeling the bathroom in my current house!