Friday, May 28, 2010

Organizational progress

Sister A. and I both got a lot done on the organizational front today. I arranged for utilities to be switched on or off on the appropriate days and found a volunteer to help us load the heavy stuff into the POD on Moving Day Eve, and A. found a crew to help us unload on Moving Day. In fact, the moving crew is our contractor and his guys--jacks of all trades, those fellas! I'll need to find one more burly volunteer among my co-workers to help load the POD, but I have to wait until Tuesday when everybody's back from their Memorial Day weekend trips, binges, or whatever. My back isn't up to hefting my big ol' bear of a dresser yet (if it ever would be!).

We went by the house this evening and got to go inside and look at all the lovely tarps and ceiling scrapings and other signs of progress. It was a wonderful sight. The more I see of that house, the better I like it.  :)

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AttieCattie said...

concatulations guys!