Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Operation "Spiff My House" is underway

As of yesterday evening, the contractor already had the popcorn scraped off the ceilings in two rooms of the new house and, working around the still-in-residence former owner (who, thank goodness, is finally looking for an apartment), will finish the rest of the ceilings this week. The former owner will be gone all weekend, so Chase the Contractor says he and his guys (including his dad, from whom he learned all this good stuff) will be working hard on our new house the whole weekend, bless their hearts! Sister A. has been clicking away with her camera and we've got the "before" shots and even a few shots of work in progress up on my Flickr site. I'm sure we'll be annoying the workers regularly with more photos.  :)

It must be very strange living in a house while it's being transformed into someone else's house.

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