Sunday, May 23, 2010

Move Part 1 accomplished, plus tile

Sister A. and I are totally broken today, but we got the first part of our move finished Friday and Saturday. Friday, we drove up to Memphis (Texas, that is) to collect her stuff from its storage unit. We discovered that the oak dining table and chairs had not been switched for the walnut 1940s dining set with six music- or lyre-back chairs (probably out of laziness), as previously agreed, so since we still had the keys to her former abode (thankfully empty at the moment) and, thank goodness, two big dudes who volunteered to help us load the truck, we very kindly switched the dining sets ourselves. I bet A's soon-to-be ex was surprised when he discovered the swap...assuming he noticed at all.

I wish we'd thought to get a photo of those chairs, because I can't find the exact style online. We'll shoot 'em eventually.

Saturday, we drove the truck (which was loaded to the rafters) back to the new house in Lubbock and, with the help of one of my co-workers, stored all of A's stuff in one half of the garage. We were totally wrecked by the end of that little chore, and, actually, I had to quit a little early when I got a warning twinge from my back while trying to move a big bookcase (if I'd ignored it, I'd be laid out on my back for a week, which is no good to anybody).

Both A. & I almost had fits of Meniere's/hydrops yesterday evening after all that work, but we caught it in time with the aid of friendly chemicals. I think we're going to need a couple more big volunteer dudes to help us move my stuff over to the new house and all of it inside. We've just about hit our limit. And we can't both be sick at the same time--who would nurse us??

We got a great piece of news on the way home from Memphis yesterday--the owners agreed to let us lease the house for the next ten days (for a minimal amount, yay) in order to let our contractor in there to paint & stuff. But, as we found out from Ray the Realtor after we hit town, the husband half of the soon-to-be-not-a-couple will still be living there, consolidating his stuff into one room. Um, OK, that's awkward. But Chase, our contractor, says he can work around him, so whatever. The seller-guy sure is being gracious about all this, and we definitely appreciate it. I can't help wondering, though, how comfortable he'll be living under a plastic tarp since every square inch of the place will have to be covered while Chase and his guys scrape the popcorn off the ceiling in every room.

Tile now: Friday, before we headed out of town for moving fun, we went to a local specialty tile place to find a substitute for the tile we had picked out at Home Depot to use as back- and sidesplashes (it turns out that the tile we picked there couldn't be ordered in any lower quantity than a case of 12 one-foot-square sheets, and we only need two square feet of each color). We ran into the same roadblock more than once at the fancy tile place, until we nearly despaired of finding anything that would match the custom-cut vanity tops we'd already ordered. Finally, at the end of nearly three hours of searching, we found a glass tile in much subtler colors than we'd picked out at Home Depot. Mine echoes both the terra cotta of my vanity and the yellow-orange of my walls; A's picks up the green of her walls, the beige of her vanity, and the cream in her vanity-top set (soap dish, lotion pump, etc.). It's a much less in-yer-face look than we went for originally, but we think it'll look very pretty. I'll get photos as soon as it comes in.

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