Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting colorful

Newly painted den
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Paint is going on up the walls of the new house and the place is starting to look colorful! They haven't been able to work on my bedroom and bathroom yet, because that's where the former owner has been camped (while puttering about the business of moving out), but other rooms are getting done. The den is calling out to me already--the Almond Toast paint in there makes that big room a lot more cozy. The Whisper Yellow in the sewing room is so happy, and the Olive Grove in Sister A's bedroom will be so gorgeous and soothing with her white iron bed and white & silver accents! The dining room has been also been painted, Basil green, just like we asked--but, holy crow, it looked a lot more "limey" than I expected when we checked it out last night! (Click the photo at right to see more pix on my Flickr site.) A. says the color will look more like what we picked out as it dries, plus we'll be putting our dark dining furniture, shelves, and china cabinet in there, which will provide a handsome contrast.

We're both soooo happy with the way things are going at the new house, excited about the closing June 2nd, and very eager to move in June 7th! Then A. won't have to forlornly visit her belongings in the garage anymore.  :D

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