Sunday, April 11, 2010

Violent furniture

Well, Sister A. made me mad and I tried to deck her, but I hit her glasses instead, so now they're busted and she's got a shiner and.... OK, not really.  :D  She does have a black eye, though--her very first! We were hauling an old Lazyboy outside yesterday and it slipped and whacked her in the glasses, giving her this lovely black eye and breaking her glasses (hence the "dork tape"). The shiner didn't show up in its full glory until this morning.

Me, I fell gut-first into the base of a large entertainment center when I slipped going down the front porch stairs (dropped down two steps instead of the one I expected), so I've got a long, narrow, eggplant colored bruise on my tummy (no, you don't get to see a picture of that one--the tummy in question is way too wide for publication!).

We've both got an assortment of other bruises and scrapes, but all told, we're not too much the worse for wear. And we accomplished a ton of work this weekend. In addition to yesterday's packing up, moving furniture, and getting one room entirely ready for showing, I cleaned out a closet full of crap, about half of which could be tossed or given away. Then today we did a lightning fast housecleaning when a realtor (not ours) called wanting to show my house! We ran all over the house with dustrags and Pledge, threw half-finished and/or messy-looking things into closets to hide, and generally terrified my poor cat, who had the impossible task of avoiding our frequently crossing trajectories. Minnie finally wanted OUT, where it was safe and didn't smell like fake lemons. Poor kitty! I hope she still loves me!

After finishing our cleaning in the nick of time, we blew out of the house and met our realtor to see two more potential homes. We actually only saw one of them, though, because the address of the other was apparently put into the real estate computer wrong; we never did find that sucker. He'll track it down and show it to us later. That house is in a newer neighborhood that's way above our price range, but it's a repo, which explains why we could even try giving it a look.

My house is a lot emptier--and neater-looking--now than it was when our realtor first took pictures of it, so he's going to come back Tuesday for fresh pix that'll make our listing more appealing. We did have a looker today, as I said, but we don't know what they thought of it. I think that's SOP.

We still have a bunch of stuff piled around in the living room that needs to be packed up and stored in the Pod, but we're beat for the weekend. There'll be plenty of time tomorrow evening to take care of that stuff.

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