Saturday, April 3, 2010

Various & sundry...

  • I'm getting a new boss. I don't want a new boss--nor do any of my co-workers. In fact, my current boss didn't know she was about to become my ex-boss until the higher-ups told her they were moving her to a different position. Told her, mind you, not asked her. And they couched it in "what a wonderful opportunity for her!" terms, like that would make us not notice the fact that they just stuck a big ol' mixer into our department and hit the "puree" button. We got the news two weeks ago, or thereabouts, and after initial shock and freaking out (along with the nasty revelation that the Big Dogs are apparently allowed to just move ANY of us into ANY position ANY time they want to), we're all more or less resigned to it now. Well, we sort of have to be, since there's not a whole lot we can do about it--we are mere peons, powerless cogs in the Great Wheel of Bureaucracy. We met one of the candidates for new-boss-hood last Thursday and he seems OK; anyway, he seems to get the concept of a production line and realistic expectations (we hope). It'll work out. And, if not, I qualify for retirement in 7.5 years.

  • I got my hair butched off way short first thing this morning--just got sick of it! Anyway, it's spring and I feel like a new start.  :)

  • After clearing the mop off my head, I spent five hours today mowing the lawn, weed-eating, giving the pampas grass a shave & a haircut (two bits), and sweeping up clippings. It was the first bout of yardwork of the season, and it was a bear. I'm totally wrecked now, but I should sleep like the dead tonight. I definitely deserved this evening's chocolate Frosty.

  • Minnie will miss the purple weeds, in particular...or, at least, I'll miss seeing her come in from her walks and dirt-wallows with little purple flowers decorating her fuzzy drawers. :D

  • Minnie's been going outside a lot lately--I can barely get her inside before I go to work or to bed. No doubt, she's making up for all the snow-and-ice lock-down time she had to endure this winter.

  • Just to make sure not everything went smoothly today, I lost control of the side/kitchen storm door when the crazy West Texas wind grabbed it as I was coming in. Now the damn thing's bent out of whack and won't lock or latch properly without a fight to lift it into something close to proper alignment. Over $200 that door cost me (several years ago), plus the bucks I paid a guy from work to install it for me, and the wind wrecks it in one second. Guess what I'll be paying for next, dammit?? I swear, if it ain't one thing, it's another....

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Roses said...

I envy your shorn look. I'd love to cut my hair, but I'm determined to make a Locks of Love donation this year.
One thing is sure: I do not like long hair. Nuh-uh.