Thursday, April 15, 2010

The real test starts tomorrow

Sister A. has been back at her former abode for a few days, packing up her stuff for the semi-final move here (to my present house; the final final move into the new house--wherever it may be--is yet to come). Tomorrow, she's heading back, this time with company: she's bringing her kitty, Sammi. Miss Fuzzy Pants (Sammi) was not thrilled to make Minnie's acquaintance last time we tried to introduce them, but we're hoping it was only because she'd been stressed out by the three-hour trip here. Sammi will have to endure that stress again tomorrow, but it will wear off after a while, and then we hope she'll relax and our kitties can get to know each other. We'll keep them separated for a few days, of course, while each gets used to the other's smell.

Here are our two contestants. First, Sammi when she was Cat of the Day:

Her mask and feet are actually darker than you see here; A. lightened them a bit so you could see her features. Otherwise, her face would just be a dark blob.

And here's Minnie, as beautiful as ever:

Please send a few purrs our way in the hope that these two ladies will come to love--well, like--well, at least tolerate each other.  :)

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