Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here's my little house, with a great big PODS container parked in the driveway and a realtor's sign in the yard. Yep, Sister A. and I are going forward with our plans.

I didn't get to see the PODS arrive, but I hear it was way cool. A. says the PODS guy used a remote control to maneuver the Podzilla, the mobile frame on wheels that carries the POD to its destination and later picks it up from same. This YouTube video,, shows that model in action. It looks like a big spider crawling around by itself!

The POD was delivered Friday. Friday evening after I got home from work, A. & I met our realtor and looked at two houses. The first was so cute, with a great kitchen, but didn't have quite enough room to accommodate our plans; the second is a real possibility, but first it needs serious repair around the shower stall in one bathroom (plus, we'd have to get the price down a bit). After we got back from house-viewing and a couple of side trips, I scraped a flower bed bald with the weedeater and dumped garden soil into it while A. continued to pack up my books (she'd been doing same all day--I have a lot of books!). We were pooped by the time we hit the hay.

Today, after a breakfast chock full o' carbs, we set furniture and other things out on the sidewalk in front of my house with "FREE!" signs all over them and waited for Good Samaritans to come out of the woodwork and cart off all the stuff I didn't want anymore. We got rid of all the furniture and most of the other stuff that way. I've got a little bit more that's destined for the break room at work Monday, where it will no doubt disappear into the hands of my very helpful co-workers.  :)  I also took my bin of Cat Chow to the lady across the street, who also feeds feral kitties. She'll feed my little clowder now; I know at least two of them were already visiting her place, and the other two have probably shown up there already, since I had to clear out the food station Wednesday evening.

My neighbor said she was sorry to see me move, but she understands that the neighborhood is getting a little scary. No doubt we'll still see each other driving to work--I'd recognize her little green Prius anywhere.  :)

After we got all the extraneous furniture out of the house, we started carrying boxes, shelving units, and other things we won't need immediately into the POD. Then we set up a workable (rather spartan!) living room and got the office/front bedroom "staged" (look it up on, as well as comfortable for my roomie. We were exhausted and gross by the time we hit the showers in late afternoon, but we accomplished a TON today. There'll be more work for tomorrow and Monday and, basically, all next week, but nothing near as heavy as we did today, at least not until it's time to move the last big things (beds, etc.)

Other things accomplished this week include pre-approval for a mortgage loan at a ridiculously low rate from my credit union. So we're ready to rock whenever the right house comes along. The realtor will start showing my house Tuesday after next, to give us time to have a problem area in the kitchen repaired and the garage/storage shed in the backyard scraped and painted.

The realtor has two more houses for us to look at tomorrow. We also drove around likely neighborhoods this evening (after a well-deserved Sonic burger) and collected the addresses of other possibilities. We'll check them out online tomorrow morning, probably, and if any are within our price range and requirements, we'll ask our realtor to look into them for us.

Some of our family are freaking out that (a) we're doing this and (b) we decided on doing this so quickly (e.g., in the course of one conversation). But we're sensible, practical people; we get along well enough to live together; we have reasonable plans; and we really think this will work out well. We're both looking forward to this new phase in our lives.  :)

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T said...

You do work fast, don't you! Wow! I wish you both all the best, and hope you find the right house that will be perfect for all your needs.

Sounds like a perfect arrangement for both of you.