Sunday, April 25, 2010


We've had quite a day! We went to look at four houses with Ray the Realtor today, one of which was one we found ourselves and had him check on for us. And it's PERFECT! OK, there are one or two little things we want to do to it right away, but the layout suits us very well, and there's nothing major to fix. It's move-in ready. (Of course, we've already redecorated the bathrooms in our heads, but, hey, that's par for us!)

It has three bedrooms, a large den which will be my office/sitting room and occasional guest room, a small living room (which suits us fine), two full baths, gas stove in the kitchen that's staying (the fridge might, too), nice tile in the kitchen and dining area (and the kitchen is nice overall), a HUGE utility room with tons of storage, new potties, storm windows, storm doors (although the one in the back needs replacing--small potatoes, that), a two-car garage with electric openers (two one-car-sized doors rather than one big door), and a patio in a smallish backyard (which also suits us fine). It's well-kept, in a nice neighborhood on a dead-end street, so there won't be any drag-racing up & down it.

We were so sure about the place that before Ray had even shown us the fourth house on his list, we had decided to make an offer on this one. The asking price is only $2,500 above the maximum we can offer, so we hope the sellers will consider that a minor reduction and accept our offer. Ray's going to present it to them tomorrow, so we should know by the end of the day.

Our purchase is contingent on us selling my current house--there's no other way we can manage it. We hope the sellers will go for that, too. So, everybody, please charge up your prayers, do your voodoo, rub your lucky kitty feet for us--whatever mojo ya got, we can use it!

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