Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let the wild rumpus start!

We originally kept Minnie and Sammi, our two kitties, separated yesterday, but, of course, that didn't last--people sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night, and it's easy for a cat to slip out of the room when that happens. We knew it would probably happen, and hoped that if the cats did encounter each other in the dark, they'd zip off to opposite ends of the house and there'd at least be no blood on the walls.

Minnie and Sammi discovered each other around 3:30 this morning and there was snarling and chasing and generally lots of racket! Fortunately, it lasted only a few seconds--just long enough to jerk Sister A. and me out of sleep. A. said it looked like Sammi was playing "chase me!", but it looked mighty serious from Minnie's end. Minnie sailed off the top of the tall chest of drawers with a cat war-cry, then stopped dead and stalked a few paces toward the interloper, who wisely made a beeline for her mom. I waited for the discovery of a trail of blood somewhere, then, when no one raised the alarm, tried to go back to sleep. Not much luck in that department, alas, so I'm pretty much a zombie now.

There was more noise around 6:30 as Sammi began to voice her displeasure with the strangeness of everything in her world. She must have woken up disoriented, poor kitty. Minnie stayed right where she was on top of the chest of drawers and growled. I don't think she ever came down and joined me on the bed last night.

Speaking of poor kitties, Minnie has spent the day either up on the chest of drawers or hiding behind the couch (with its present "fortress" of packing materials at one end). We even found her hiding in a cupboard with a door that doesn't latch anymore, crouched in a small space behind the kitchen trash can and three recycled-materials boxes. She is stressed! She hasn't eaten since her stinky meat this morning (served to her on her high perch), and she only ate half of that. The sound of a cat eating while growling is very weird, indeed.

By contrast, Sammi's doing a lot better now, although she does hiss at Minnie when she sees her...and, of course, Minnie hisses at Sammi ditto. They'll calm down after a while, and I really think they'll get along eventually...or at least learn to stop hissing and give each other a wide berth.

I let Minnie outside a little while ago, since the rain finally stopped. She really needed a breather from the stress.

I sure hope the cats sleep better tonight. The cat-moms, too!

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