Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kitty and other progress

Sammi, Sister A's cat, is feeling right at home these days. We think she's even taking a shine to Minnie, my cat, because Sammi keeps trying to play with her--at least it looks like Sammi's usual bouncy, "chase me!" playing. Minnie doesn't know quite what to make of her rather forward "cousin" yet, and there are still plenty of hissy encounters between them, but we're definitely making progress.

On the housing front, we haven't had any houses to look at from our realtor since last Saturday, so we'll probably be nagging him soon. We did have another person looking at my house today, so we got it all spic-and-span, then vamoosed to do some shopping and drive around likely neighborhoods. We collected four more addresses to look at online, and also toured one house for sale whose owner happened to be standing outside when we toodled by and motioned for us to come on in (great house, but way out of our price range).

Ray the Realtor is hoping to get an offer on my house this weekend because there's a homebuyer's tax credit that's expiring at the end of the month. Naturally, we'd like to take advantage of that, too, but it all depends on some brilliant soul snatching up my wonderful little house first.  :)

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