Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another working weekend

Sister A. & I have been busy bees again this weekend--less yesterday, since we were operating on very little sleep, but we did more today. The cats behaved better last night, so everybody got some good sleep. Minnie came back to my bed (well, after I carried her into the bedroom and showed her that the bed was an entirely safe place to be) and even came up to sleep by my face as she normally does. That was very nice.  :)

Today, I painted the wrought-iron front porch railing, a bit more on the fake columns around the front door, one front windowsill with a severe case of mange, and the wood trim around the French doors. A., meanwhile, packed & Podded part of the stuff she brought from her former abode Friday, vacuumed the whole place, and went through my cooking stuff and dishes, separating out the stuff I said could be given away and setting aside the dishes and pans we can pack & Pod. We've got just a very few place settings and two or three pans to use until Moving Day (whenever that is), so we'll just have to do the dishes every day!  :D

Tomorrow, we'll pack the greater part of my dishes and put them and my cedar chest in the Pod. Then everything that needs to be finished before the realtors troop through the place on Tuesday will be done. All that's left is the stuff that doesn't show, anyway. We're making great progress. And A. thinks my house will sell quickly once all the realtors have seen it and can tell prospective buyers about it.

We're perishing of curiosity about what the owner of the house we looked at Friday before last has been doing as far as fixing the few big problems we found (the big bathroom tile mess and leak around the shower and one broken window). We haven't even officially stopped looking at potential homes, much less made an offer, but we keep finding ourselves making plans around that particular house. It's going to be a very nice home/investment property when we're done with it. If we buy the house.  :)

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