Sunday, March 14, 2010

New (strange) people

I had an interesting encounter last night with one of the people who just moved into the house across the street from me. A guy knocked on my door around 8pm to ask if I had a phone because he needed to call an ambulance to come pick him up...because he was hearing voices. He said "they" might send him to Abilene or Samarkand (I may have heard that second one wrong), but whether he meant EMS or his little voices, I'm not sure. I politely sent him back across the street, called 911, and turned the whole weird problem over to the police and EMS. Yikes....

Earlier in the day, I heard a screaming argument from that same house (the weather was gorgeous, so I had all the windows open). Lots of F- and MF-bombs flung about, never mind the kids who live in that house now, or the kids next door, or the kids who live in the other houses on this street.... The screaming bitch in question eventually left, and peace reigned once more.

Last Thursday when these folks moved in, I drove home from work to the sight of one fool with his butt hanging entirely out of his pants. Yes, he had boxers on under the jeans, but really...! He was leaning in the window of a car talking to somebody and the waistband of his jeans was level with the ground. Wonderful--I have trashy new neighbors.

Trashy, scary new neighbors.

Here's hoping they default on the rent, and that right soon.


Alley said...

I'm afraid your neighborhood is going to keep going downhill from now on. Keep all those locks tight!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Holy Moly!
That is just a bit too scary! Especially him feeling free to just come over to your house like that.
We think this is perhaps just the first of a long line of visits by the authorities!!

Brian said...

We think it would be wise to not answer the door...go hide under the bed, that usually works for me!

Roses said...


T said...

This is really scary. Don't trust them, and be extra cautious with them in your neighborhood!