Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small (literary) world

Today, I took my Prius in for its first service since I bought it last April. I set it up with the service guy, went to the customer lounge, settled into a cushy chair, and got out my Sony Reader (Pocket edition, PRS-300) to read while they worked on my car. After a while, I realized that the lady seated cattycorner from me was using the very same model of eReader! Silver, too, same as mine. It looks like the pic at left, which I snagged from the Sony site.

I wonder how many Prius owners also have eReaders? Seems like a hand-in-glove sort of thing, unless, I suppose, you like audio books better.

I love this thing. It doesn't have the wireless connection to a bookstore, like the Amazon Kindle, but it's lighter than the Kindle and the display has great contrast, perfect for bedtime--or waiting room--reading. It fits in my purse (which is not huge) and the battery lasts a long time (up to two weeks). It can charge while I have it hooked up to my computer via USB to browse books at the Sony Reader Library. I don't always have to spend money to get books for it, either--in fact, the major reason I bought it was to read out-of-copyright classics scanned by Google (they have millions), Project Gutenberg (so do they), and other free-book sites. After all, eBooks don't weigh a thing, which is not something you can say about the printed version of, say, War and Peace. I took about 15 books to the shop with me today, and they all fit into my purse in one skinny package. You can load up to 350 books at a time, if you're really voracious. And you're not stuck getting books from only one proprietary source, as with the Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook; like I said, there are plenty of free literary fish in the sea.

Watch the auctions on eBay to get a good price on this little sucker. That's what I did.  :)


Thumper said...

I love my Kindle...I think pretty much any e-reader is going to be good (well, except maybe the Nook, which seems to be having problems...) and it's an either/or thing. I have to give the Kindle an edge, if only because my books are available for it cheap ;)

(OK, they can be gotten for the Sony, but they're cheaper at Amazon...)

I can't wait for the iPad to come out and see how that works as an e-reader...I may be itching to get one within a couple of weeks...

las794 said...

I'd been wanting an eReader since the Rocket came out years ago, and it was a *brick* compared to the Kindle & Sony Reader.

I'm curious about the iPad, too (despite its unfortunate name), but it seemed rather large to hold up in bed.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

I'd love one of those!
Mainly for the fact that I don't have room for any more bookshelves in my house! Imagine, an entire library in the palm of your hand...!

las794 said...

LOL--yep, it sure helps stretch the shelf space...or at least helps me to quite overstuffing it!