Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The prodigal kitties

During the two-week-or-so span of ice, snow, and bitter cold we had recently, my ferals disappeared completely. After a few days without a single nibble from the food shelter, I cleaned it out and put it away (as soon as I could walk outside without slipping on the ice), thinking that my boys and Gracie had succumbed to the winter weather. It's a sad fact of feral life, after all. Yesterday, however, who should show up at my back door but SamIAm, Punkin, and Gracie! None of them looked like they'd been starving, but I can't look into those kitty faces and not put out food, so, of course, I did. Just stamp "SUCKER" across my forehead.

I couldn't tell whether Gracie was pregnant or not. She stood up on her hind legs at one point to sniff a blade of pampas grass and she didn't look particularly round, so maybe she dodged that bullet. She has definitely gotten more feral during her absence, though--and her opinion of poor Minnie hasn't changed. The feeling is mutual.


TK said...

Hi! Thanks fur bisiting me over at TK land.
I am very glad the ferals are ok. They has amazing resil... staying powers. You are not a sucker, you just very dear, an CC sees you!

T said...

Oh I am glad they are back. They probably just found a warm, or somewhat warm place to stay safe.

Regarding Wicket, I think he is just scared because he is not use to being outside. When he first showed up, he emptied 2 bowls of dry kibble all by himself. He still eats 2 cans, 5 oz cans of wet food at each sitting! Yikes!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

What a relief it must have been to see them! Of course you have to feed the little darlings. You're not a sucker at all. Just a nice lady. And they know it.

AttieCattie said...

yes, i am a very happeh girl these days. mommie makes sure of that! looks like there are lots of happeh kittehs over here too, even outsidey kittehs! wow! i think it takes a lot of courage to be an outsidey kitteh. i could not be one, i am just too much of a princess now.