Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cat Rule #1

"Any open container must contain a cat at the earliest possible moment."

Minnie demonstrates the perfect fit of my new (to me) sewing box. Makes it kinda hard to put all my stuff in said box, but that cuts no ice with Minnie. She did finally get out of the box...and sat on the lid of my old sewing box.

I had to replay the DVD that came with my sewing machine to refresh my memory of how to thread the machine--it's been a few crazy months since I got to play with it. No big projects today, just repairing split seams in a couple of flannel nighties (they don't sew 'em like they used to). It's nice--and a lot quicker--to be able to do repairs on a machine instead of by hand.


Fin said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Mike-O-Matic said...

I definitely concur, re: the sewing by hand. Machines are a godsend, in this particular case at least! :)