Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small (literary) world

Today, I took my Prius in for its first service since I bought it last April. I set it up with the service guy, went to the customer lounge, settled into a cushy chair, and got out my Sony Reader (Pocket edition, PRS-300) to read while they worked on my car. After a while, I realized that the lady seated cattycorner from me was using the very same model of eReader! Silver, too, same as mine. It looks like the pic at left, which I snagged from the Sony site.

I wonder how many Prius owners also have eReaders? Seems like a hand-in-glove sort of thing, unless, I suppose, you like audio books better.

I love this thing. It doesn't have the wireless connection to a bookstore, like the Amazon Kindle, but it's lighter than the Kindle and the display has great contrast, perfect for bedtime--or waiting room--reading. It fits in my purse (which is not huge) and the battery lasts a long time (up to two weeks). It can charge while I have it hooked up to my computer via USB to browse books at the Sony Reader Library. I don't always have to spend money to get books for it, either--in fact, the major reason I bought it was to read out-of-copyright classics scanned by Google (they have millions), Project Gutenberg (so do they), and other free-book sites. After all, eBooks don't weigh a thing, which is not something you can say about the printed version of, say, War and Peace. I took about 15 books to the shop with me today, and they all fit into my purse in one skinny package. You can load up to 350 books at a time, if you're really voracious. And you're not stuck getting books from only one proprietary source, as with the Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook; like I said, there are plenty of free literary fish in the sea.

Watch the auctions on eBay to get a good price on this little sucker. That's what I did.  :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The prodigal kitties

During the two-week-or-so span of ice, snow, and bitter cold we had recently, my ferals disappeared completely. After a few days without a single nibble from the food shelter, I cleaned it out and put it away (as soon as I could walk outside without slipping on the ice), thinking that my boys and Gracie had succumbed to the winter weather. It's a sad fact of feral life, after all. Yesterday, however, who should show up at my back door but SamIAm, Punkin, and Gracie! None of them looked like they'd been starving, but I can't look into those kitty faces and not put out food, so, of course, I did. Just stamp "SUCKER" across my forehead.

I couldn't tell whether Gracie was pregnant or not. She stood up on her hind legs at one point to sniff a blade of pampas grass and she didn't look particularly round, so maybe she dodged that bullet. She has definitely gotten more feral during her absence, though--and her opinion of poor Minnie hasn't changed. The feeling is mutual.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cat Rule #1

"Any open container must contain a cat at the earliest possible moment."

Minnie demonstrates the perfect fit of my new (to me) sewing box. Makes it kinda hard to put all my stuff in said box, but that cuts no ice with Minnie. She did finally get out of the box...and sat on the lid of my old sewing box.

I had to replay the DVD that came with my sewing machine to refresh my memory of how to thread the machine--it's been a few crazy months since I got to play with it. No big projects today, just repairing split seams in a couple of flannel nighties (they don't sew 'em like they used to). It's nice--and a lot quicker--to be able to do repairs on a machine instead of by hand.

Monday, February 8, 2010

"What, me worry?"

OK, enough griping about work. I refuse to be rattled by the weirdness anymore. Eventually, the current weird-maker(s) will move on and we'll be left in peace to just do our work for a while, until The Powers That Be send us another weird-maker. In the meantime, I'm very lucky to have a good job with benefits and retirement (which I'm very much looking forward to), so I'm just going to snap on the blinders and keep on making the donuts.

I shall take my cue from Buddha cat....

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Complaining about something...

...that you've never actually laid eyes on, just because some lazy person you "trust" has registered the same complaint, makes about as much sense as wearing alligator shoes with the gator still in 'em. And when the Big Dogs act on your unfounded complaint, thus torpedoing the legitimate improvement project everyone else has been working hard on (at the orders of said Big Dogs), the "dumb" multiplies exponentially.

But, hey, at least that's not as bad as changing the name of your business 10 or 11 times in the past decade and a half.

Oh, wait--we did that, too.

*sigh* [snapping on the blinders]

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