Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No luck

Gracie (aka Gray Kitty) never showed up yesterday evening, nor this morning, so I had to cancel her appointment with the vet and just worry about her. I didn't see her Sunday evening, either, but it's not like I was watching the door constantly, so I just assumed I missed her. I don't think she came around to eat during the night because there was still plenty of food in the bowl this morning. I sure hope that means she found a home with someone (and I hope they spay her soon). Of course, she may still show up; just have to wait and see.

Minnie was upset when I got home from work yesterday; the very fluffy black & white cat who's been turning up in the yard was lying in a heap at the far corner of the yard, long gone. It had a terrible wound to its rear end (hence the lack of gender identification here). I couldn't tell whether it had been attacked by a dog or landed wrong on those dadgum pointy fence pickets. Poor kitty.... I started to dig a grave near Fluffy's, but ran into a ton of tree roots, so let's say B&W Kitty is being laid to rest compliments of the city. I hated to do it, but I had to cat-proof the front room of my house for Gracie and I was running out of time. (Turns out I didn't have to cat-proof, after all, but I didn't know that at the time.)

The collar I saw B&W Kitty wearing turned out to be just a flea collar, no ID. Probably another cat-friendly person caught the kitty long enough to slip it on.


Cat with a Garden said...

We are sorry to hear you lost yet another of "your" ferals. That must be so distressing. Paws crossed for Gracie!

Fin said...

You can only do your best.

Alley said...

So sorry about the b&w kitty. I hate hearing of animals that are hurt.

Have you seen Gracie again? Maybe she owns someone and just got loose, then got lost because all those bad boys were chasing her.

las794 said...

Nope, haven't seen Gracie yet. I doubt she has a person, just because she's so skinny, but ya never know. She *is* very friendly, so maybe she does have somebody. She certainly walked right into my house when I let her. :)

T said...

OH I am so sorry about the B&W kitty. I know how you feel.

Hopefully Gracie found a home, or she will show up again soon.

T said...

Forgot to mention, Love the french doors. We put some in a few years ago, with blinds inside the glass, and we LOVE them.