Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kombat Kitties!

OK, we had a leeettle bit of unrest yesterday evening between Minnie and the little gray cat, with Gray Kitty suddenly chasing after Minnie, then the two of them whapping and shrieking, then more 100mph chasing while big ol' Mom with her elephant feet tried to get between them (completely impossible). Minnie wound up hiding under the furnace, growling at anything that moved nearby, including me. I couldn't picture standing watch over the cats all night, so I reluctantly put Gray Kitty outside. If the tomcats started messing with her again, well, we'd nip it in the bud soon enough.

This morning, I gave Minnie her stinky meat and let her out for her morning constitutional. Passing by the back doors at one point, I noticed that SamIAm was in the yard and both he and Minnie were hunkered down with their eyes fixed on the neighbors' tree, which comes right up against the fence and is also within cat's-reach of the little old garage in their back yard. When I moved to find what they were staring at, at first I only saw the fluffy black-and-white cat (who has a collar, so he belongs to somebody), but then I saw something else move further up the tree...and there was Gray Kitty, staying well out of reach of B&W Kitty. Kitties B&W and Gray played keep-away for several minutes, then I was able to coax Gray down to the "cat door" (a space in the fence where the top of one picket is broken off), scooped her up, and took her into the house for a respite from the tomcats.

I got Gray Kitty fed and snuck up on her with a tube of flea dope, then let her explore the place again. Fast-forward about an hour, and Minnie's looking in the back door, so I let her in and get her some crunchies while she hops up on one of her favorite perching spots by the phone. I set her food up there with her and she got a few mouthfuls...and then Gray Kitty hove into view. More staring, more growling, and then Minnie flew off her perch and ran for the bedroom with Gray Kitty in hot pursuit. Run! Whap! Scream! Chase! Hide! Run some more! Holy crap....

It was clear they weren't going to buddy up anytime soon, and since I must go out for a little bit today and can't possibly leave Minnie and Gray Kitty in the house together unsupervised, I had to put Gray Kitty out again. I'll bring her in again--so I can have her close for whisking off to the vet, mainly--and maybe the two kitties will start getting used to each other, but, man, that little gray cat is a fighter! Well, she's had to defend herself against all those dang toms, so I shouldn't be surprised....

Even if I can't let Gray Kitty stay inside, I know she'll come to me if she sees me, so I'll be able to scoop her up for spaying. Gotta catch her in the morning, though--she disappears after breakfast and doesn't turn up again until late afternoon or early evening.

I got a closer look at Gray Kitty's fur while she was inside this morning, rolling around on Minnie's dresser-top towel bed like a little hoyden. She's gray tabby with a sort of beige undercoat, and her tummy is beige with gray spots. The pattern reminds me of a Bengal cat.


Roses said...

I'd be tempted to make up a second litter box and lock Gray Kitteh in a bathroom by herself or something.

You are SO going to heaven for taking care of her... in many senses of the word.

Fin said...

Sounds a little crazy over there. Gray kitty looks like a sweetie.