Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Door Day!

Say goodbye to the old sliding glass doors--it's New Door Installation Day! The French doors are sitting in my carport in one big pre-hung unit while the guys whittle out my sliders and cut new trim to replace the rotted wood. An Arctic blast (including snow) is heading our way this evening, but I hope to get one coat of protective paint on the outside trim before it hits.

Not surprisingly, Minnie is not too happy with all this strange activity and is currently hiding under the furnace.

Update: The doors are in! It took the guys about 3.5 hours to do all the work, including replacing rotten wood around the door hole, and it looks great! The manufacturer forgot to send my screens, but the installer's going to notify Home Depot about that (and, of course, I'll follow up). Popping them in will be quick work. After the installers left, I had enough time to slap on a coat of primer on the new wood outside, inhale a hamburger, and slap on a coat of white paint. It had almost two hours to dry before the wind sharpened and the temperature began to drop. That's not ideal, but it's what we've got.

Here are the new French doors, all beautiful.  :)
Minnie didn't hide the whole time, after all--she came out from under the furnace after about an hour and spent the rest of the time in the office with me, snoozing and doing other normal things like a totally-not-afraid cat. Such a brave girl!

Next up: do my tax return as soon as possible so I can get my refund and pay off the doors. Gotta get 'em off plastic.

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CCL Wendy said...

Oh my! Yes, you definitely want to have that new door all sealed up before the winter storm hits! Can't blame the kitty for wanting to stay away from all that cold air!