Monday, December 14, 2009

Unrelated stuffs

  • Following two recent trips to Oklahoma and a West Texas mudstorm, I finally gathered my courage and took my Prius to a car wash where the vacuum-and-wipe-dry guys drive your car into and out of the wash tunnel. I'm happy to report that they handled the Prius's little oddities (Park button, hold-for-a-few-seconds neutral shift, stepping on the brake before pressing the Power button to turn it on) without a problem. I'm very glad, because those guys do a lot better job of washing my car than I do.

  • I measured my old sliding glass patio door and ordered my new French doors today, including installation. The guy in charge of installation should be calling tomorrow to do his own measurements and "work-site inspection", then we'll get this show on the road. In the meantime, I have a steel bar jammed crosswise against the handle of the old sliding glass door in hopes of deterring particularly lazy burglars.

  • I was sure nervous about another break-in while away from home over the weekend, but everything was fine when I got home.

  • I also missed my kitty, but she had a good time with her babysitter.  :)

  • Leo is still missing.  :(

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