Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow--and lots of it!

Here are some pix from about 8:30 this morning--we had a pretty respectable snowfall last night, and it was still goin' & blowin' when I took these photos. Of course, the sun was out by 10am, so it'll probably all be melted by 5pm, but it was sure an impressive sight. Even my car was covered, which is very unusual, considering that the carport is protected on three sides by houses and a tall fence. The snow must have blown like mad last night.

Here's my driveway and the street from my carport, all covered in snow.

Look how the snow is piled up in great domes on everything! The lump in the foreground of the picture above is a photinia bush.

Minnie was burning up to go outside this morning, despite the arctic conditions, so I let her out to do her business in the carport. In the photo below are her snow-tracks. You wouldn't think a cat would plow so boldly into the cold stuff, but with her fluffy winter coat and fur-tufted feet, she's built for it.

Minnie didn't stay obediently in the carport, naturally. While I was taking pictures, she trotted off to check out the winter wonderland. She even hopped over the carport fence into the backyard, completely ignoring my protests.

I came back into the house and wrestled the sliding glass back door open to get more pix and reclaim my kitty. Check out the dome of snow on the doghouse! And there are more Minnie tracks, of course.

Minnie didn't spent much time outside--she circumnavigated the enormous, snow-covered pampas grass, then zoomed back into the house as soon as I got the door open, knocking over (into the house) a drift of snow that had built up against the glass door.

By the time I got Minnie inside and finished taking pix of the backyard, there was snow packed in the sliding door channel, so I had to clean that out (while more snow was blowing in!). Naturally, the snow on the cold metal had compacted into ice, so I had to get my hairdryer after it before I could get the door closed.

And why are there no photos of Minnie gallivanting about in the snow? Because she was never in any one place long enough to take a picture! Anyway, we were both glad to come back inside and warm up our frozen toes.

About an hour after I got up, the kids across the street came out to play in the snow, laughing and shrieking as they tried to bean each other with snowballs. The snow was so dry, it didn't make very solid snowballs, so after a while they just contented themselves with slinging mittenfuls of snow at each other like kids splashing in a pool. They were having a blast--it was fun to see.

Boy, am I glad I didn't have to go to work today!


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That is lots for down south! Stay warm!!!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Minnie is brave to go exploring like that!
That's a good bit of snow! You are lucky it melts so soon. Ours will be around till March.

las794 said...

4:13pm & we still have tons of snow. Holy moly, I think we're gonna have a white Xmas here!

Tober the Cat said...

Wow, that sounds like quite an adventure-filled day! We got rains (and lot of 'em) for Christmas.