Saturday, December 19, 2009

New door on the way, new cats in the yard

Nope, the photo is not of my house, but the door in the pic looks a lot like the one I officially ordered today (except mine will have aged bronze hardware, bought separately, and screens). The guy who'll be doing the installation came out Tuesday afternoon to measure and inspect the space, he sent his info to Home Depot, and I just went there to review the specs and drop a bunch of money I don't have (yet--pending 2009's tax refund). The door might be in as soon as Jan. 2!

As expected, there's some rotted wood and shingles that will have to be replaced when the new door is installed. One thing This Old House has plenty of is rotted wood!

On the kitty front, Minnie disgraced herself today by growling and hissing at a newcomer to our feral food station--an orange-&-white kitten, three or four months old. (I'm really not sure how old he is, but he was steady on his pins and eating solid food.) He sure wanted in, but I resisted the cuteness. It was not easy. But I was afraid Minnie would tear him a new one. She's a one-per-household cat.

Another new visitor showed up recently, this one an adult male, sorta white (or a very dilute cream), with Siamese heritage showing in his crossed blue eyes. He's a lot more skittish than that kitten was today, but he's becoming a regular at the food station. I don't see any others regularly; if there are any, they come at night.

Oh, and somebody disassembled a bird in a big way recently--feathers everywhere. Ick. I don't know whether it was my little huntress or one of the feral boys.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Resisting kittens is very hard!!!
The ferals I rescued this past spring were soooo adorable.

las794 said...

Oh, yes, I just want to scoop them all up! I don't know where that kitten came from; I haven't had a female feral in the yard in years, since Ginger had Leo & his siblings.