Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Here comes the sun..."

There's still plenty of snow left over this morning, but the sun is out and we're supposed to get above freezing today (a little), so there should be more melting going on. Here's Minnie, cooling her bum in the snow as she catches up on the smells, sights, and sounds she's missed over the past two days of Snow Lock-Down. Look how sparkly the snow is in the sun!

Minnie came in shortly after I took this pic; no matter how starved she is for an outing, it's still dang cold out there! I went out after breakfast to shovel the snow off the porch and de-ice a pathway. Egad, that's a lot like work....

By the way, have I mentioned how grateful I am to have gotten my camera and computer back after the burglary? I am. Veryveryvery.

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