Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happier tail today

I went out this morning to feed the feral cats and who should come bounding over to me but my little yellow friend from yesterday! He'd gotten into my backyard somehow...and I hope it was through a hole in the fence between my yard and my neighbors, because that would mean the nice boys next door have adopted him! (They do need to fix their fence, though.) I'll try to find out for sure after work today.

The dog seemed a lot happier today--tail wagging a mile a minute, snuffling everything, and doing that funny play-with-me front-end dip that dogs do. Since I had food in hand (albeit cat food), I set it down to see what he'd do. He just took a sample bite, didn't snarf it down as if he were starving, so someone has fed him. I got him to follow me to the gate into the carport and let him out of my yard there, then stacked an old gate and a bunch of cinderblocks in front of the hole in the neighbors' fence. He's a big, muscular, solid dog, so a bit of piled-up junk probably won't do much good, but at least it'll remind me to ask the boys to get their landlord to fix the fence.

As I was leaving for work, I saw the dog snoozing on the neighbors' porch, looking a lot more content than he was yesterday. I hope he's found a forever home.

Oh, and I did fetch new food for the ferals and gave Leo lots of calm-down lovin's.  :)

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