Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dog tale

Some people aren't worth the skin they walk around in.

This morning, there was a dog without a collar curled up in the neighbor's yard by the curb. Looked like some mix of lab and sharpei, gold-colored, with long legs and big feet, so I think he's still quite young. When I opened the kitchen door (which opens into the carport) to let Minnie out (something I quickly rethought!), the dog got up, wagged his tail, then sat up attentively. He was practically radiating "I'm a good dog." And I just knew that his worthless owner had dumped him there sometime last night.

I checked on him now and then while I got ready for work. Every time a car drove by, the dog would stand up, watching with anticipation, as if expecting his owner to return for him. I could be totally making this up, but that was the impression I got. When I pulled out of the drive to go to work, he trotted right toward my car, tail wagging, and went around to the passenger's side as if hoping to be let in. I couldn't, of course. He followed me for a few steps as I drove off, then went back to his spot in the neighbor's yard.

My neighbors, who live in the house in whose yard the dog was sitting, seem like good boys. I hope they want a dog. I do not want to call animal control on this fellow because I know exactly what will happen to him.

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Daisy said...

That is so heartbreaking.