Saturday, September 26, 2009

Minnie & Mickey

Ladies first, of course. This funny computer-generated icon is from a Facebook game called Yacht (based on Yahtzee). Minnie looks quite the old salt, doesn't she? LOL!

The pic at right is of Mickey, my newest feral, leaving the food station this morning. He was skinny as a rail when he first showed up, but I think he's starting to fill out a little. He's a dilute orange tabby with white feet. Leo apparently hates his guts--he starts that weird guttural chattering of his every time poor Mickey shows up when Leo's home. No wonder Mickey's so thin and skittish! Good thing Leo was absent at this particular time or Mickey wouldn't have gotten a single bite.

That's Minnie in the foreground, of course, keeping an eye on the interloper. And, no, they're not boyfriend-girlfriend cartoon mice.

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