Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Crown me!"

I am the Queen of Crowns. I already have four, and now, thanks to another broken tooth, I get to buy another (with money I don't have, as usual). I swear, all I was doing was chewing a piece of gum when it suddently went CRUNCH! Gum doesn't generally do that. Sure enough, out came several pieces of tooth and ancient filling. Joy. And, of course, it's a top tooth, toward the back, so I get to spend an hour or so basically standing on my head in the dentist's chair. I'm just glad it doesn't hurt, because my dentist appointment isn't 'til Monday.

This'll be the first dental procedure I've had since the Meniere's started up. Hopefully, I won't have a fit of vertigo in the dentist's office.

And, yeah, I might be able to chalk up this little incident to tooth-grinding from stress.

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Cat with a Garden said...

This is horrible. Mom has a dental treatment (most probably a crown) coming up soon too. Right now she's stretching the time the provisorium (that's not English, is it?) should remain as a filling. In her case a gum did "it" too. She isn't chewing gum anymore. All the best for your treatment on Monday, we will keep our paws crossed!

P.S.: I had to laugh very hard at your "separated at birth" comment. Purrs, Chilli