Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Welcome to my nightmare..."

Recumbent exercise bike
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OK, not really, although this thing does make me work, and from all the huffing & puffing I do after a session, you'd think it was killing me. It's a recumbent exercise bike (as opposed to a regular upright bike) which allows me to pedal away without putting strain on my back or knees. This is my latest "weapon" in the Fight Against Flab. Note the stylish brown-paper-and-masking-tape accessorizing. That's to keep Minnie from chewing on the wires that control the computer, which controls the variations in intensity (how hard it is to pedal) during the exercise programs. That'll do until I can get some tough plastic cord covers. This is the first exercise machine I've had where the computer is actually integral to the machine's function (usually, they're just cheap bits of crap that stop working after two weeks and you don't really care because they didn't add much in the first place).

I'm also getting my diet back on track. It sorta went to hell during the remodeling, so I have bad habits to break again.


Thumper said...

Oddly, I pay good money every month to go to a gym and torture myself on one of those.

las794 said...

I prefer home-based torture. :)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We have a home based torture device. A treadmill. Our mom will walk on that thing every now & then. we are amused by this, and gather to watch her when she gets on it. Humans should just eat & sleep like us cats.

BeadedTail said...

It's good that you get a nice workout on the bike while being able to stay home! I'd push rather torture myself on a bike than a treadmill - those things are so boring.

I enjoyed reading your blog and meeting you and Minnie! I really like the remodel posts since we want to remodel a couple of bathrooms but after remodeling the kitchen last year, I keep putting off the mess. But your after pictures have me thinking again!