Sunday, July 5, 2009

Painting is done (for now)

All the trim painting is done, hallelujah! Boy, am I wrecked--two and a half days of painting will do that to ya. During this phase of remodeling work, I learned that blue painter's tape will, indeed, pull latex paint off the walls--not everywhere, but enough to keep you dabbing spots with a tiny brush well after the main job of painting is done. Apparently, even a week isn't long enough to ensure that the paint won't come off if you have to tape over it. Most annoying.

I still need to paint the outside of the door and the trim around it, but I've got to do first-of-the-month and regular weekend stuff with the remainder of this day, so door-painting will have to wait until next weekend. A little rest would be nice, too. And a SHOWER.  :P


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Speaking of showers, what did you do with the window in yours? Or did we miss it?

las794 said...

I'm going to use one more can of spray frost on it, and this time be sure to get the edges very well. It's the bottom edge of the window that's a mite too see-thru for me. :)