Friday, July 24, 2009

One more bathroom pic

Sister A. made this nice sheer ecru shower curtain for me with a fancy checkerboard-pattern border at the top which echoes my glass tiles. I put a thin ecru liner behind it, which really enhances the color (and, of course, keeps the shower water in the tub). I likes it.  :)

One of my workmates, upon learning that my cat's name is Minnie, just asked where Mickey is (har har). You'd think one of the many ferals to pass through my yard since Minnie became my housemate would have wound up with that name--but, nope! Well, I've got a skinny "blond" feral now for whom I've been trying to think of a name. So he's Mickey now.

BTW, Minnie acquired her name because she looked like a miniature Maine Coon. Turned out she was just slinking around with her belly low to the ground before she became confident of her safety in my yard. But her name suits her.


Thumper said...

I want your bathroom...

las794 said...

LOL--prepare to work your tail off for it!