Friday, July 24, 2009

Foggy Friday

It was actually sunnier than this photo shows, but I was shooting straight into the sun and my camera's just a lil ol' point-&-shoot. (Click photo to biggify.) This is the Ranching Heritage Center next door to my office parking lot. I love fog....


Darla said...

Great photo!

I clicked on your blog after you offered me your light fixtures on Freecycle. I love blogging, Face Book, My Space, Freecycle, and emails. I do actually have a real life as well as my virtual one, but some days I don't want my real life, haha.

My blog, if you are ever bored and want to see what I am all about is

I better get off now, and complete a few things before getting some sleep. Blessings! Darla

las794 said...

Reality is overrated!